would you like to earn some extra income?

Get Paid For Every Call You Make From Home

Cashback4calls is a service that allows you to get cashback for making phone calls with your inclusive calling minutes.

Global Service

We provide you numbers with good connection and wild range of Interactive platform that can be accessed wherever you are in the world.

Fast And Secure Payments

Our rebate payments are the highest in the UK, and with the fastest payout options, you can choose between weekly or monthly payments.

Competitive Service

We are a leading supplier of premium rate phone Numbers in many countries, due to our competitive prices and reliable service.

Refer A Friend

Get rewarded by referring your friends and family to cashback4calls. No caps to what you could earn. All tracked and recorded in your personalised dashboard.

total control

Easy to use Dashboard

With our easy to use interface, you can monitor all your key performance, Real-time calls, pending balance, units earned, and payments.

Start sending your traffic and get paid swiftly!

Check with your provider if you have inclusive calling minutes on your fixed/mobile phone or VoIP service and start earning.


Get Rewarded
For Making Calls

Generate Cash from unused call minutes! This is a genuine opportunity to make some additional cash. Utilize unused minutes included in your mobile and landline package.

Excellent Service 85%
Account Secured 96%
Reliable 90%
how it works

Few Simple Steps
on How to Get Started

Account Setup

Set up your unique user profile and add all the numbers you will be dialing from.

Access Numbers

Choose a number to dial making sure you always perform a short test call to check you are not being charged.

Get Paid

Reap the benefits and enjoy spending all that extra cash!

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